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Alumnae Experience

Alumnae Experience

There are two ways to become an alumnae of Sigma Kappa sorority.  The first, is to become an initiated member or collegian, then as you graduate participate in the Order of the Triangle ceremony, officially declaring you an alumnae.  But, there is another way to become involved with Sigma Kappa! If you have never joined a National Panhellenic Conference sorority, Sigma Kappa might just be the right fit for you.  You can become an initiated alumnae, despite not having anything to do with Sigma Kappa in your collegiate days. This means you could potentially get all the benefits of being a Sigma Kappa alum, even if your passion for our values arose after college. Here at Wesleyan, the alumni experience is unique. The Illinois Wesleyan alumni network may not have the most quantity, but the quality of the alumni relations is one that is unmatched.  Alums are always welcome on our campus, and collegians are encouraged to reach out to alumni to connect with them as much as possible. For Sigma Kappa specifically, many advisors and corporation board members are Illinois Wesleyan alums, and love to get involved with the Eta chapter. Being so close to Chicago, many alums connect through Facebook and have outings and fun get-togethers in the city! This past April, we hosted a Facebook Live event for all of our Alumnae. The alumnae were given a tour of the Sigma Kappa Eta House and were given the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of sisters from different majors. We had a great outcome! Our goal is to keep the bond of the sisterhood still strong even after we graduate by inviting our alumnae to events at the house or even online! Overall, Sigma Kappa is a great way to become a part of a sisterhood and become involved in a great group of women, Sigma Kappa alumnae benefit from the organization for a lifetime. Here are some of the ways you, an alumna, can still get involved according to the Sigma Kappa Headquarters!



Stay Connected


Do you want to make an impact on your sisters' lives? Do you have skills that could benefit your sorority? Volunteering on a local or national level is a great way to give back to Sigma Kappa. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, or have special skills to share, please let us know by filling out a Volunteer Interest Form. Get more information below on volunteer opportunities:

Advisory Boards

Chapter advisors make a tremendous impact in the lives of collegians they serve. The role of the chapter advisor is to guide, advise, and support the collegiate chapter and chapter officers and monitor their progress. Chapter advisors advise the collegiate chapter officers on a variety of topics. They are responsible for the supervision of the chapter's affairs as related to Sigma Kappa, the campus, and the community.

Corporation Boards

Membership on a corporation board is an important and rewarding responsibility. A well-informed, practical, interested, and progressive board is essential to the continued success of the collegiate chapter.

Financial Advisors

The financial advisor is a resource for the vice president of finance. Financial health is very important to the success of our collegiate chapters. Collegiate vice presidents of finance have a large responsibility and manage big budgets. These VPFs try their best, but often need local assistance with financial policies, ledgers, and budgeting.

National Officers

There are many different national officer positions that range from recruitment to communications. To see a full list of national volunteer positions and job descriptions click here.



Easy Ways to Stay Connected

Join an Alumnae Chapter

Connect with alumnae in your area by joining a local alumnae chapter. Sigma Kappa has over 100 alumnae chapters, look here to see if one is in your area! For more information on starting an alumnae chapter, contact Sarah Eller, director of alumnae services.

Check out the Sigma Kappa chapter map!

The Sigma Kappa Blog

Enjoy this virtual community where alumnae can connect on topics that interest them and read stories from their Sigma Kappa sisters.

Follow Sigma Kappa on Social Media

Stay up-to-date on all the great things our chapter is doing by following Sigma Kappa Eta Chapter on Facebookand Instagram!

Sigma Kappa Traveler

Do you enjoy traveling? Imagine receiving the opportunity to travel with your sisters from all over the country! Sigma Kappa offers this opportunity to allow our alumnae to connect with sisters as you travel the world together. Make new friends with like-minded Sigma Kappa sisters while a tour guide takes care of all the details. For more information, click here.


Why choose Sigma Kappa Travel?

  • Sigma Kappa is making it possible for sisters to travel the world together! Make new friends with like-minded Sigma Kappa sisters while a tour guide takes care of all the details.
  • Sigma Kappa’s educational programs and services benefit from our partnerships with our carefully selected travel companies at no additional cost to you.
  • Best of all, friends and family are invited to share the experience with you!

What travel opportunities are currently available?

Currently there are a number of great travel opportunities. To find out more, click here!

Be sure to join the Sigma Kappa Traveler’s Club here to receive updates and suggest the destinations you would like to see Sigma Kappa Travel journey to next!